For Counseling Therapists

Services that support and facilitate BC and Canadian counselors, therapists and psychologists in the use of video conferencing to provide virtual care. 

  • comply with provincial and Canadian privacy and confidentiality regulations. 
  • training and support to ensure competence and confidence with virtual care delivery.

 Benefits and Services for Counseling Therapist Association Members

  • compliance with Canadian provincial (BC FIPPA) and federal (PIPEDA) privacy and confidentiality regulations 
  • customized, next generation mobile and desktop video conferencing for virtual care services
  • training to ensure technology competence
  • cost per month equivalent to one client/therapist session

Video-based Telehealth Clinical Applications

  • clinical interview and treatment - clients, patients, care providers, family members
  • case discussion and case management - multidisciplinary teams of professionals e.g. psychologists, speech language pathologists, social workers, occupational therapists
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