Privacy, Security, General Characteristics

If not properly managed, delivering Telehealth services by videoconferencing can introduce distinct privacy and security vulnerabilities not present with in-person consultations. These vulnerabilities include misunderstanding and/or inappropriate operation of the technology, as well as overall network security. Each jurisdiction requires specific policies and procedures (e.g. to ensure that the video conferencing session is secure
 from non-authorized viewing) to ensure the ongoing privacy and con dentiality of personal health information.

A telehealth solution, well executed:

  • implements industry best practices
  • standards based – uniform in operations,  cost-effective
  • cross platform compatibility – Mac, Windows, mobile devices 
  • complies with Canadian (PIPEDA) & US privacy and security (HIPAA) regulations
  • Service Level Agreements (Guaranteed Uptime) to meet client requirements
  • improves outcomes via continuity in care,  reaching individuals in treatment and recovery outside the treatment settings
  • adheres to guidelines and regulations as required by professional associations and in accordance with best practices
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